• [28-03-2017] The NBA play time introduced

    The NBA's schedule with the fiba, besides the pause time long, game regular time is longer. This is mainly associated with the business operations of the NBA.

  • [27-03-2017] A Basketball Sport For Every Age

    Even if you've never been a sports fan, you've probably still played a little basketball. It's a perfect sport, really, as basketball can be played by people of every age,

  • [24-03-2017] The thunder in the NBA victory over Philadelphia

    The thunder home to a 122-97 victory over 122 people, Russell westbrook got three pairs of 35 times this season. If get 7 times three pairs,

  • [23-03-2017] FIBA for the international basketball tournament

    The first basketball World Cup held in Spain in 2014, the increase in the number of teams advanced to the finals for the first FIBA 24 teams, changed its name to the World Cup,